Oops! The Fish Died
Oops! The Fish Died
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Do you have a pet fish? Did it die? Either way, this is the book for you.

With 10 fun fish funerals, you can decide how to say goodbye — from the Traditional Shoebox Burial to an epic Viking Funeral! Each one comes with step-by-step instructions, eulogies to read aloud, and stunning illustrations. Perfect for anyone who forgot to feed their fish over vacation, or whose kid just really thought the fish wanted to go swimming in the pool.

Fun, funny and full of fish funerals, the whole family will love it!
Well... except the fish.  



Jamie Fish.png

Jamie Rome is an award-winning creative director/writer based in New York.
At age 9 she decided to paint her room aqua and cover it in tropical fish decor.

Tim Fish.png

Tim Spencer is an award-winning animator, designer and illustrator based out of Houston,Texas. He’s excited to go fish shopping with his young daughter, and even more excited to pick out a fish funeral when the time comes.

Paul Fish.png

Paul Curry is a New York based copywriter, poet, and former owner of a living fish. Goodbye Captain Goldie!

WHAT are other people saying?

"Oops! The Fish Died is a wonderful little book that provides a fresh, funny and sincere take on dealing with the loss of a pet fish, while also providing creative ways to send-off the beloved fish in order for it to be remembered in a special way. The colorful illustrations also make it a great read for children of all ages!"

- Emily Schoonenberg, Second Grade Teacher


As a father and art director, I love this book. The illustrations are stunning and look like they are straight out of an animated movie. The book is hilarious; fun for kids and has plenty of jokes for the adults too. 

 - Sungkwon Ha, Creative Director/ Art Direction